Some suggestions on getting great with ladies. My sources revealed.

I believed it would be a cool concept to give you tips on where to get started (in getting great with the ladies). Wouldn’t it be amazing if you would also begin going out to get good with girls. The very first site I’d like to suggest isn’t a website but a forum. To be sincere, there just is not a much better place than a forum to get help. I have to say that this is my favourite forum available on this subject. I joined it around 3 months ago and since then I have just studied, read and studied πŸ˜€ Seriously, forums are the very best places to obtain info that is up to date. I opened a thread about my girlsfriend (well ex gf) that dumped me like a year ago and got a lot of fantastic feedback on why she most likely did it. Turns out I was being a needy stupid b*tch.. My favourite subsection is the journal section where people write about their nights once they go out.

Another site that was of fantastic assistance to me is WomenMadeSimple. I discovered it by looking how to get girls or some thing like that. I like the guys approch there to getting hot girls. My favourite post was about how you can meet women throughout the day. You will find actually lots of great articles there, the post about pick up lines for girls must be one of my favourites – funny as heck. I like it how he says that all-natural game is the very best and all you need is to just be you. As I am an enormous fan of improvisation then the lines and stuff don’t fit me that well.

Last but not the least, youtube videos. They’re awesome! I wish I had seen this video earlier.

Really, the whole channel is pretty good if you ask me. The video is not great only due to the info but other things it shows also. I can see all the bodylanguage, the way he speaks and his general vibe that you have to have to get girls whilst going out. I think it is among the most beneficial things to possess role models. The dude is carismatic as hell. These are the main three places I got the most help on the women issue. You may not like the pages but that’s ok, everyone has their own opinion. So, like you can see, the subject isn’t that new for me. I saw the book The Game in bookstore and then began looking for more. I did however started truly taking action just now. To be honest, I’m a little bit of a keyword warrior. I wish to change that and keep on going out now. Thank you for taking time to stay tuned.


What I did the 1st night out

Last night I went out to have fun and try out different things. There wasn’t much people out but it was actually a Tuesday night also. I approached two girls who were waiting in the club line. One of them was pleasant but lost the friendliness after some time. I was generally having fun and made jokes but they were way too much into checking their phones. Next I went to this bar which was next to the club. After I got inside I saw only 2 girls, bar staff and 1 guy. I had a bit of approach anxiety and so i chickened out at approaching them initially. One of the ladies made eye-contact with me after that I went straight to her and started chatting. The girl was the cutest thing ever. She was having fun and enjoying the convo and i also got physical a bit also. I tried to take her aside but she told she had to guard her buddies who were a little drunk. In general, I talked to her along with her friends for possibly an hour. I left the bar and went to see what other places had to offer. After that she texted me stating it was really cool meeting me. I ponder if I will get her out on a date this week. Seems like my mojo isn’t that bad after all πŸ˜€ After walking around on the streets I saw 3 girls yelling real loud. I yelled them back that they should take a look at careers at fire department. One chick felt offended and began giving me a lecture however I didn’t care. There was this blond chick who was quiet and attentive. I took her hand and told her to come with me to a different bar. Soon after she gave me her fb her buddies dragged her away and started yelling again for reasons unknown.. Next I went home and added the women on fb. I hope the numbers work out and I can get one girl out one a date with me. I really want to find time to get out more. The university has been real busy. Lately all my days are packed with various things. Nights such as this displays how wonderful this all is.


Things about me. This is the beginning.

Hey, my name is Bob and I’m a citizen of Germany. My primary hobbies are football and girls.. now πŸ˜€ The blog is produced mainly for me but it is cool if other people would comment it also. I mainly create about how you can get good with ladies. I will do my best in updating this weblog and keeping you, readers, happy. If I discover some cool post I make sure to share it right here with you. I will try to make new posts as frequently as I can but I cannot promise something. I’ll share the different guides I’ve found online here and I hope you’ll get something out of it also. I believe that’s it for the first post, I’ll see you soon πŸ™‚